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Tibur Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.

Welcome to Tibur Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.

Welcome to Tibur Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.

Welcome to Tibur Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.Welcome to Tibur Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.Welcome to Tibur Landscaping & Irrigation, Inc.

Our Geese Control

Meet Rebel...

This is Rebel, she is a 4 year old pure bred Australian Cattle Dog, she likes long walks in the woods and cheese... She belongs to our foreman, Katrina Russo, who has been running herding breeds her whole life.

History on the breed...

Rebel's breed was first discovered around 1840 when Thomas Hall of the South Wales bred a smooth collie with a wild dingo. The collies they had originally bred with dalmations were great in Europe but could not withstand the rugged terrain of the Australian outback. When they were perfected for what they were needed for, they became known as the Australian Cattle Dog or the Queensland Heeler. These dogs can be either "red" (like Rebel) or "blue" like her mom was. These dogs are super fast and have a great love for doing a job. A heelers mind is always going so when they have a job to do, they are very happy and at their best. 

Even though they were originally bred to move very large livestock, they have become the go to dogs for sheep, goats and in Rebel's case.... geese! 

So, what exactly does Rebel do?

Rebel is a highly trained and intelligent cattle dog. She has gone through hours upon hours of training both to move animals properly and safely and also to sniff animals out that may be hiding from her. 

When rebel gets on site to a school or sports field, she waits in the truck for her "release word" which is her green light to leap from the truck and start working. What Rebel does takes a lot of skill and concentration on her part, especially if it is a large flock. 

Depending on how big the flock is, she will split the group and concentrate on one group at a time. She needs to watch them even after they are off of the ground to make sure they are not circling back around while at the same time watching that second group of geese that needs to be moved next. While she is watching that first group, she is starting to run at the second group to get them off of the ground. Geese are animals that will always flock together especially in the air. At this point Rebel sits back and watches them fly away and moves throughout the field as needed so they can not land again. It takes a few visits at each field for the geese to learn they should not be there anymore.

Rebel also has water training, where she will not hesitate to dive in the water to make sure the geese completely get off of the property

We keep this service on a strict schedule so the geese do not have a chance to come back. The purpose of this service is to move the geese away so the sports fields and schools stay clear of bird waste. This will keep the children, parents, teachers and coaches clean and safe.

Interested in Geese Control?

Let Rebel handle your geese problems!

To get a free quote on your field, please contact us at your convenience. We will be happy to get back to you within 48 hours.

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