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Yard Cleanups

Why get a cleanup done?

In the spring, after the snow and cold has done it's damage, we do spring cleanups. This is when we get rid of fallen or broken branches, de-thatching the lawn, edging and cleaning the planting beds and round one of fertilizer to get the lawn going again for the season.

In the fall, we do our fall cleanups. A lot of people believe leaving the leaves on the lawn is good for it. Unless you can prove that every tree around your home is completely disease, fungus and insect free, you run the risk of infecting the lawn as well. We will make sure all the leaves are picked up for you.

Testimonials About Our Cleanups!

What did people think?

"Katrina and the crew she works with are absolutely amazing. I needed beyond a spring cleanup and they were not only up to the task but exceeded my expectations. Their is also budget friendly and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to friends and family. Tibur is a first class company that does quality work from beginning to end."

-Jodie K.

-Woburn, MA


"Great company, employees are top notch and the work is the best"

-Kayla W

- Tewksbury, MA 


"Katrina and her crew are top notch. My clients were in need of a spring cleanup to prepare for their home to sell and Katrina was quick to respond. Her crew was on site in a matter of hours. Beautiful work at a reasonable price! Tibur is now my go-to landscapers and they should be yours too"

-Susan F.

- Reading, MA


"I haven't even started using them yet but contacted them to see what they have for services and how to get pricing and Katrina was excellent, gave me all the information and drew up a contract on the spot!!! I can't wait to see the job they do!"

-Lisa B.

-Reading, MA


"I have used Tibur for 3 years now, they do a great job at a very good price. Will continue to use them and Katrina is great to deal with"

-Brian M.

-Saugus, MA


"Katrina and her crew at Tibur Landscaping have been maintaining our property for the past year and we have been very pleased with their services. Courteous and professional and always timely in responding to our questions and concerns. A pleasure to work with."

-Wendy F.

-Woburn, MA


"I have had Tibur out 2 times. We absolutely love them and their customer service is AMAZING! Katrina made things so easy.

We had tried other landscaping businesses and never had that wow factor when I got home from work to see what was done. But twice now, I've come home from work and my yard looked great!

Tibur Landscaping - you have 100% earned my business going forward! Thank you for your great work!"

-Jeffrey S.

-Lynn, MA


"I've worked with Joe on many projects over the years. He and his lawn care team are responsive and knowledgeable. They provide great service and do their best to make my yard look good!"

-Deb G

- Burlington, MA


"The guys and gal at Tibur are great. They are very timely, very responsive and do great work. We made a change from a very prominent landscaping company in our area (Stoneham) and we have not been disappointed. I would gladly recommend them to anyone!"

-Jillian P.

-Stoneham, MA


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